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Tech Launch: Totally Tailorable Booking Platform

It is no secret that NYS Corporate pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our systems to our client’s requirements. Personalization has been key to many of our most noteworthy innovations, from our recently enhanced Venue Finding Tool (Sbooker v2) to our Traveller Tracking Software. Our newest technology launch is no exception…

The conneX v2 booking platform went live in June 2016 and is already being actively used by over 10,000 bookers. Like its predecessor, conneX v2 is designed to facilitate user-friendly access to our business travel, conference and event management tools, as well as live management information, traveller tracking, online training, and more. Developed specifically for each client, the platform had always been tailorable, but conneX v2 takes this adaptability to a new level. The platform is highly personalised and includes a range of administrative features that sit in the client’s hands – empowering individual customers to make the tool their own on a day-to-day basis.

“When we first looked at building v2 of our trademarked conneX platform, we had to ensure we created a portal which serviced each client’s specific needs and built on the successes of v1. We analysed our visitor data and decided to use responsive technology which allows for a range of resolutions and supports the growth in iPad and iPhone usage. We added many new features requested by clients such as events calendars, pre-trip approval and custom pages. Additionally we empowered users to quickly create new pages and send out notifications to their travellers without the need to come direct to NYS.”
Mike Kirk, Chief Technical Officer, NYS Corporate

Some of our favourite new features of conneX v2 are:

1. Client Administration
The client now has the power to directly control many aspects of their end-users’ experience, from controlling what information is shared and which ancillary services are available, to sending booker notifications or policy updates to all users.

2. Custom Pages
Custom pages can now be created for specific clients. This give us the ability to create a page of information that is only relevant to that client or highlights extra information they wish to share with their bookers (such as internal policies, VISA application process, etc.)

3. Interactive Events Calendar
The events calendar displays events (such as football matches, race days, etc.) that may impact on travel costs or availability in specific locations. This helps users to maximise savings by avoiding busy times when scheduling conferences or events. In addition, client administrators can now add their company’s events to the calendar.

4. Messaging
conneX v2 includes an internal messaging system allowing users and managers to communicate directly to coordinate their travel and meeting arrangements. Users can also instantly message the NYS HelpDesk or our Quality and Feedback Team.

5. Updated Training Interface
Improvements have been made to our online training modules and how these are presented to users. There is also now the option of adding bespoke training modules for promotions or money saving initiatives e.g., “how to use split ticketing”.

6. Pre-Trip Approval
This feature supports each client’s approval processes, by providing a streamlined approach for bookers to gain sign-off before a journey is booked. Through this process, users can easily add each feature of the trip (rail travel, hotel, flights etc.) and seek approval for the event as a whole. Progress is monitored through a live “My Trip Requests” page, which provides records of the outcomes of each request.

7. Single Sign On
Perhaps the most exciting development is our enhanced single sign on functionality. The conneX portal has always been accessible via a single user login, personalised to the individual booker. For conneX v2 our development team have taken this one step further – offering a true single sign on solution integrated with the client’s system. The solutions available are developed specifically for each client and can utilise API (whereby there will be no need for the user to enter a username or password) or ADFS (conneX authenticates via the client’s Identity Provider e.g., their Windows login).

Since the initial launch, conneX v2 has been used 72,316 times, approximately 5% of sessions being via mobile or tablet. So far, the response from clients has been extremely positive, who have fed back that: “the new portal is great”, “very easy to navigate with great information” and “any changes we want are easy to make”.

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