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How to Meet Your Duty of Care to Travellers and Delegates

Keep your business travellers safe on the move - here is the expert advice of Janice Buffett from Healix.

Assess the risks associated with your travellers’ destinations

For example, vaccination requirements or health risks such as poor air quality, which may affect asthma sufferers. If you don’t have the resources in-house, use the services of a specialist travel risk management company.

Track employees

Make sure you can quickly identify and contact those who may be impacted in the event of a serious incident. Traveller tracking services can integrate travel details with your HR database to help pinpoint the location of travellers and expat workers. This will enable rapid identification of those at risk during incidents such as terrorist attacks.

Make medical arrangements for longer-term assignments

If travellers are working abroad for long periods, it may be necessary to ensure that any prescription medications required can be sourced locally, or to arrange for alternative supplies. If family members are accompanying them, check their requirements, too.

Provide your travellers with a travel mobile app

This can give them access to essential security info and advice, as well as push alerts on risks. Choose one with a function that lets travellers request emergency assistance.

Offer training

This can be e-training, so travellers are aware of steps they can take to keep safe. For higher-risk scenarios, classroom training with security specialists may be appropriate.

Check your travel policy

It is pointless having a policy in place that is perceived as inconvenient or out of touch with the practicalities of travel. Start with a thorough understanding of the organisation’s risk appetite, and develop a travel risk and duty of care policy on the basis of that.

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