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NYS Travel Trend Predictions for 2018

We’re already flying through 2018, March is, unbelievably, just around the corner, however here at NYS Corporate, we are already beginning to see emerging business travel trends that are impacting our industry.

Some are ‘fantastical,’ some innovative, yet some are crucial, so we’ve taken a deeper look at what these hot topics in the business travel market potentially have in store over this coming year.

Security is Crucial

Duty of care, GDPR and cyber security are already buzz words in 2018. Cyber-attacks, geopolitical worldwide issues and dangerous weather conditions to name but a few, all pose a tangible risk to organisations when thinking about travel planning. It is our duty to help the organisations we work with ensure the safety and security of their travellers in all aspects of business.

Personalisation is key to traveller satisfaction

Travellers within businesses are looking keenly at advances being made in the field of AI (artificial intelligence), with studies* showing that 41% believe that it will improve the booking experience. “Personalisation plays an important role here”, Lau Keng Lun suggests. “This is where AI provides real value: It can analyse huge amounts of data and determine patterns to give more personalised search results and improving the booking experiences. For 2018, we see the need for such technologies to evolve further. AI has already enabled a range of apps, bots and software that bring personalisation to the traveller, making the whole travel process easier and therefore rising satisfaction. But we are still only scratching the surface of what AI can do. “

Smarter Working

As Capita Travel and Events Smarter working feature hits Buying Business Travel’s 2018 Hotlist, staff wellbeing is a hot topic. With an innovative insight in to travel patterns and behavioural psychology. CTE are assisting booker and travellers in making smarter choices with regards to meetings and travel. This creates sustainable cost savings, improves compliance and boosts employee well-being. With these three factors being improved it will have a wider effect on the running of the organisation.

‘Bleisure’ The travel buzz word of 2018

Social media is unavoidable these days, our lives are played out across dozens of social media platforms and while there was a time when the use of our personal devices between 9-5 was frowned upon, today social media blends our work life with our personal life like never before. The new buzz word within the business travel community is ‘Bleisure’ (the mixing of business with pleasure) is fast becoming a topic of interest, especially with more and more people using their business travel experiences to share photos and updates across their own personal channels, inspiring friends, family and colleagues. The trend started a few years ago where, in 2016 a Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card Survey, it was found that almost 80% of millennials make sure to plan personal time while on a business trip by extending pre or post business, bring along their partner or even the entire family! As “Bleisure” becomes more accepted by companies in a bid to provide a more rewarding experience and build a highly motivated loyal workforce, we think this is a trend that is set to continue in 2018 and beyond.

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