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NYS Corporate event management team has over 20 years experience making us the perfect choice to handle the organisations and logistics of your event.

NYS Corporate will consolidate your business travel expenditure providing you transparency, variety and a quality service through a tailored solution.

As a conference and meetings specialist we strive to achieve a quality service and cost reduction with a creative flare

NYS Corporate Ltd is a specialist Events, Conference and Corporate Travel management company

OPAL Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of NYS Corporate’s first ever OPAL Awards.  These unique awards recognise those team members whose outstanding performance embodies our core OPAL values: taking Ownership of each project, being Proactive, being Accurate and Listening to our customers. 

Margaret Pettigrew

Consultant, UK Rail and Hotel Travel Team

Margaret always goes above and beyond for our customers, from saving them money, to helping them out of tricky situations.  Examples from recent weeks include:

 - Securing a £605 to the initial quote from a coach hire company
 - Supporting a stranded customer who had lost her purse in London, including arranging her travel home and ensuring she got there safely
 - Negotiating a £101 discount on a hotel rate to bring this within the client’s travel policy

“Maggs I love you! Thanks VERY much for doing that for me, if I was there I’d give you a great big hug!”

“Margaret Pettigrew was very helpful and made the process simple and saved me from a lot of stress.”

“You’re a star. Thank you Margaret. I just want to say – and feel free to pass this onto your manager, that I really appreciate your patience throughout organising this.”

Feedback from business travel clients

Fiona Mitchell

Consultant, Conference Team

Fiona’s proactivity regularly exceeds customer expectations.  Every day, she combines her industry knowledge and first-hand experience to deliver personalised solutions which pre-empt customer requirements.  For example, while venue finding for a recent conference, Fiona recognised the name of an attendee (Daniel, an Executive Board Member) and spoke to the venue to ensure that the meals and refreshments being provided would meet his dietary requirements.  His PA was very impressed to see these arrangements had been made before she had even raised the request. 

“I am so pleased you suggested this venue Fiona and thank you for thinking about Daniel, you do spoil them!”

“Thank you so much Fiona, you are a star and we are absolutely delighted we can work with you.”

Feedback from conference clients

Carl Law

Senior Developer, IT and Development Team

Carl is a key figure behind NYS Corporate’s industry leading technology, including MeetingsPro and conneX v2.   Carl’s nomination for this award, however, stems from his proactivity and listening skills, not just his technical expertise.  Carl’s helpful, approachable attitude, and his innovative solutions have impressed both clients and colleagues.  He eagerly commits his time to tailoring and improving existing systems and processes, as well as creating new ones tailored to each client’s unique requirements. 

“Carl is simply brilliant.”

Feedback from grateful colleague

Sarah McCardle

Consultant, International & Air Travel Team

Sarah is “A” for Accuracy.  She has been with NYS for 17 years and in all that time has never incurred a loss of monies.  She is also exceptionally customer responsive and regularly demonstrates excellent negotiation skills.  For example, when a client accidentally booked the same flight twice last month, she was able to secure a full refund from EasyJet (despite the request being made well outside of EasyJet’s 24 hour cancellation policy).  

“Thanks for your great support.”

“Thank you Sarah, I appreciate you working late to finish this!”

Feedback from business travel clients

Congratulation to all this quarter’s OPAL Award winners!     

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